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May 19, 2009

Miss Priss - My Partner In Crime

I have to say that my kitty Miss Priss is what keeps me sane. I work from home and she keeps me company and keeps it from looking like i'm talking to myself. Recently she has gotten sick and there is a possiblity that it may be cancer. We went for a follow up today with the vet and shes looking good but without a gajillion dollars worth of tests we can't know for sure whats wrong.

On an up side shes on a special canned food diet and shes happy as can be. I'm officially her canned food servant and she loves bossing me around every time i'm in the kitchen. Honestly I enjoy every minute of it!


  1. She's so cute! Hope she gets better ;)

  2. Oh no! I hope she's ok! She's a beautiful kitty and Miss Priss is such a cute name :)

    My doggie is my baby and she broke her femur in October. She had 3 surgeries and a bunch of meds. I feel your pain on the vet bills...but she's better now!