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May 15, 2009

One Of A Kind!

Recently I've been putting more work into one of a kind pieces. In the past I have made a few but found it difficult to keep myself from going overboard and ended up making elaborate pieces that were quite pricey. Now I've come up with some ideas that are a little more toned down and at a much lower price range.

Because my personal website does not really lend itself to one of a kind work I've been listing these items at where they will hopefully find new homes! Though it costs me a little more to sell items on etsy, the ability to list one of a kind items and not have to worry about more than one person purchasing at the same time is more than worth it! If you check it out then dont forget to browse the rest of the site. There is so much handcrafted goodness to be found! ~Apryl


  1. Welcome to the blog-world! Your work is so delicate and unique!

  2. Thank you so much for checking out the blog!

  3. That is really beautiful!

  4. That is beautiful!!

  5. Anonymous21.5.09

    Wow. Okay, so I am totally biased here. I just love trees. But these are fantastic! I also love assemblage work and any kind of piecing together objects/parts to create a greater whole. Lovely. Can you tell us why you chose trees as your subject, what you love about the mediums you work with, and anything else about what inspired these wonderful creations?

    Say Anything Notes ;)

  6. Thank you so much Sarah! I was taught how to make wire trees by my grandmother. I can remember her making them when I was little and I was always facinated with them. I love working with wire because it really can do almost anything. I took what my grandmother taught me and made it my own and I love every minute of it!

  7. Anonymous21.5.09

    Thanks for the reply!! Being an art history addict, I'm always interested in the story behind the art! I will have to view them in person...are you showing your work anywhere?

  8. Honestly my entire business is online only. I used to live in NY state and did tons of shows but since I've moved south the internet has been really good to me. Other than one of a kind pieces I make everything else to order. If I build up enough one of a kind work I might do a show just to try and sell some of it.