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Jun 15, 2009

Bravery Makes Us Do Funny Things

So the other day I was dressing up to go to a party and had put on my demo leaf jewelry just for kicks. I thought that I looked pretty swell and thought maybe I should be the model for my own work! I had originally asked a friend of mine if she would do it but I worried that the jewelry was so big and that she was so petite that it would look HUGE on her. I then asked my sister but I could sense her nervousness at having her picture plastered up on the internet for all to see. So I got up the nerve, sucked in my belly, and resisted the urge to give my chin a nip and tuck in photoshop. I swear its bigger on camera than in person! Hopefully everyone means it when they say they dont want 115lb models and that real girls are better!


  1. You make a lovely model for such pretty jewelry. Good job.