Ecwid Store

Jun 17, 2009

Drumroll please!

I've finally begun listing the first of the earrings in my etsy shop! I can only hope that they will be well received. Its hard not to sit there staring at the shop tracking views and hoping someone will heart your item. Once I have most or all of the earrings listed I'll be adding them to my personal website but until then they are exclusivly available on etsy! The earrings are $10 a pair and are available in all twelve birthstones in both silver and gold. I will also be creating some one of a kind pairs (possibly in different shapes) from my large collection of crushed and tumbled stone at a later date!

I would love to hear your feedback on what shapes and colors you would be most interested in!


  1. How pretty. I know what you mean about obsessing over your views. Give it time. I'm sure people will love them.


  2. Oh, I forgot. As to color combos, I always go with what works best with the stone color, but that's a personal preference. Amethyst/silver, Garnet/gold, Emerald/gold ... warm vs. cool is what I mean.