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Jun 24, 2009

Tutorial - Favor Centerpiece

I called this a tutorial but honestly its more of a quick idea for a great looking centerpiece! You could use this for weddings, anniversary, or birthday parties! In the image i've used my own handcrafted wedding favors but any favor that comes in a box or other stackable container would work!

First you want to hit up all your friends and relatives for their stashed away cake plates! Everyone has them, sometimes more than one. I've actually got three! I suggest putting a piece of masking tape on the bottom of each one and writing the name of who it belongs to.

Arrange your favors on top and POOF centerpiece! You can spice it up by wrapping a piece of garland and battery powered lights around the base or layering a decorative cloth napkin or other piece of cloth over the cake plate before placing your favors!

The best part is you are not stuck with tons of centerpieces that you dont know what to do with. The favors are taken home by the guests and the cake plates returned to their owners!

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  1. Those trees of yours are quite lovely :)

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    Yay, thanks!