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Jun 10, 2009

Tutorial - Foam Wall Art!

I'm still trying to fill up all the wall space I've been talking about. My most recent creation was a long piece of wall art made out of styrofoam! I'd like to share how I created it.

I started with 2 sheets of styrofoam that measure 1' x 3' x 2" which I purchased at Michaels. You could use thinner material but I liked how this popped out from the wall. Using a bread knife I cut one of the sheets into three 1 foot squares.

Between you and me I tried a different project using one of the squares and it flopped so badly my father took one look at it and said "thats just horrible". As a result this project involves two 1 foot squares and a long 1 foot x 3 foot sheet.

I coated all of the foam on the top and sides with a thin layer of joint compound. I used just enough to get into the foam and make a fairly smooth surface. After it was dry I came back with the bread knife and shaved off some of the edges. I was trying to make the foam look a little like stone. You could certainly leave the edges on but if you do want to take some off you need to joint compound first. It makes a smoother cut.

I went back in with the joint compound to cover up the now exposed foam on the edges (I used my fingers!) then with a scraper I created texture on the tops and sides. When that dried I brushed on a base coat of brown paint. You have to put it on super thick to get in all the grooves!

I dug out all my old wall paint and a few acrylic paints that I liked and dry brushed some soft colors over the base coat. Next I painted the black swirls on. They were not shiny enough for me so I went back over them with some polyurethane I found in the garage then edged them in a little silver paint for good measure!

To hang I simply put some 1 1/2" screws into the wall and pushed the foam onto them. I used a level to keep it pretty straight. you could put some poster tack on the back before doing this but keep in mind its almost a one shot deal. If its not straight you may not get as tight of a fit the second time around.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created my newest wall art! Give it a try!


  1. Anonymous10.6.09

    very nice!

  2. very lovely!

    I think my husband would hate if I made anything out of styrofoam.. the noise it makes drives him nuts!.. heehee

  3. I can imagine how he would feel about you running around with a bread knife and a big sheet of styrofoam then, haha. Not to mention the wonderful snowy mess you can make with it!