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Jun 22, 2009

Whew, what a day!

Well I was MIA here on Friday because I had one of those days where things just didn't go right! I had to take my kitty in for a checkup first thing in the morning but her kitty senses were tingling and they told her to hide under my king size bed where I couldn't reach her. I finally wrangled her out and stuffed her into the cage and headed out to the car...where i found out the battery was so dead the doors wouldn't unlock. Priss got to sit in the crate for an hour while I waited for my husband to come home. The rest of the day was spent running the cat to the vet, the car to and from the shop, followed by sympathy margaritas at Chevy's (something my husband and I always do on bad days!).

I got the test results today for my poor fur baby and she either has liver cancer or some kind of liver failure. Shes on a special diet but there is not much we can do for her anymore. She seems happy right now but there is no telling how long she will be in good shape.

I'll be back on track tomorrow with my usual postings! I'm taking a day to get some work done and play with Miss Priss.


  1. Oh, Apryl, spend time with Miss Priss. I hope it's something treatable. I had to put my pug, Earl, to sleep in March due to metastatic liver cancer. It still hurts. But I couldn't watch him suffer once he was diagnosed. I'll be thinking about you.

  2. Sadly no there is nothing we can do for her without it becoming a financial burden. Shes already 11 years old and I dont believe in spending tons of money to give my cat chemo therapy!

    They want me to keep her on this special liver diet but she hates the food now. I think i'm gonna feed her anything she wants instead. I'd rather die fat and happy than live longer and hate my food.