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Oct 22, 2009

Oh My!

Well the fall wedding rush got the better of me and I have not blogged in so long people probably wonder why I bothered to make one! Well i'm back and am going to try and learn to balance the blogging and working a little better. I enjoy sharing my work and my finds but filling orders always comes first! Some more organization might make it easier.

Currently i'm working on a new line of cake topper sprays, the first of which is listed in my etsy shop and pictured above. I'm going to start the line in my etsy shop with everything made and ready to ship. If the response is good then I'll move the line to a made to order status and include it on my website!

I've also opened a shop to sell off my stock of handmade jewelry. I've deeply discounted the prices and hope to see most of it find a new home this holiday season. You can find that shop at
Hopefully you will see me posting five days a week again!


  1. ooo i really like that! great idea

  2. Thanks! My sister wasn't crazy about it until i took a photo with it and some flowery green stuff and added it to the listing. I like it by itself and she likes it all foofy, to each their own haha. I'm modern and shes traditional!